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Short and Long Term Hire

Short Term Hire

Scotia Radio hire, rent and lease two-way radios and walkie talkies from industry leaders such as Motorola and Hytera for short term and long term contracts for simple and cost effective two-way communication.

It doesn’t matter what your location or event, we can provide one, ten or 100+ handheld two-way radios, vehicle mounted mobile, desk top base station and repeater base stations.

Whether you are organising an annual or one off event, or a series of regular events we will analyse your needs and determine the exact two-way radio equipment you need. From handheld two-way radios, rechargeable batteries, rapid battery chargers and case to, speaker microphones, desktop base stations and mobile tower antennas, we can provide it.

Cost-Effective Communications

Short term two-way radio hire provides a cost-effective communications solution to any business or organisation that doesn’t have the means to spend a lot of capital commitment but, due to the nature of their business or event needs short term two way radio hire periods ranging from one day up to one year.

Short Term Applications

Short term applications for hiring two-way radios include weekend or week-long events such as motor and horse racing festivals, music festivals, exhibitions and conferences to longer events such as football tournaments, film-making and construction projects.

Long Term Hire

Licensed two way radios are a necessity in the organisation of extended events or long term projects. Especially when a dedicated frequency is needed to ensure the security of your communications. Our two-way radio hire specialists have extensive experience long term hire and will assist in making sure you get the right equipment ready for use when you need it.

Our hire fleet is made up of current radios in perfect order ready to work for you. Radios will arrive charged and ready for immediate use from the box and come complete with rapid chargers. We can also offer additional batteries, and a wide range of audio accessories.

In addition to our full powered walkie talkies we can also design a system to provide a wider area of cover using base station both local and talkthrough.

To contact our Hire Department and speak to an advisor, call us on 0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form.
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