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Two Way Radio Communication for the Construction Sector

Scotia regularly supplies two way radios to the construction sector. Among our list of customers are: builders; builders merchants; scaffolders; crane operators; electrical engineers; plumbers; dry wall specialists; joiners; glazers and many more.

We offer bespoke two way radio systems that meet construction companies’ two way radio needs such as good coverage, excellent reliability, tough and sturdy kit. We offer very competitive prices and our hire options include set up of the system, accessories and an excellent support service including repair and maintenance and operational support.

Warranties and Maintenance

Outright purchases often come with 24-month warranties on radios, 12-month warranties on accessories and we offer extensive maintenance packages for equipment no longer covered by the manufacturer warranty. Scotia can also, on occasion, offer excellent deals on reconditioned equipment.

Recommended Two Way Radios for the Construction Industry

Licence Free Radios

HYT Power 446 Licence Free Two Way Radio Kenwood TK3301 ProTalk
HYT Power 446 Kenwood TK3301 ProTalk


Licenced Analogue Radios

HYT TC610 Licenced Analogue Two Way Radio Motorola GP340
HYT TC-610 Motorola GP340

Licenced Digital Radios

HYT PD705U1 Motorola DP4400
Hytera PD705 Motorola DP4400

Analogue or Digital Radios for Construction

Scotia have a large range of two way radios that are suitable for the construction industry. From the simple back-to-back licence-free analogue comms to the latest state-of-the-art digital units, Scotia can supply them. The majority of our construction customers require radios that have the following qualities:

  • Good sound quality
  • Reliable, full site coverage (when possible)
  • Resilient and waterproof
  • Long battery life 


As would be expected, the two way radios Scotia supply to the construction industry need to be tough, durable and reliable. High resistance to water and dust ingress is also a definite requirement for the construction world.

Coverage and Signal

When we visit a site we assess it to determine the best type of radio for the job to provide the best possible coverage. In problem areas we can also provide repeaters to help ensure that the signal is strong throughout the site.

Safety and Emergency Features

Man Down

Scotia can provide radios that have the Man Down function. This function allows the operator’s radio to alert other radios should he or she get into difficulties – the radio can be set up to signal an alarm to other users should the radio go from a vertical position to a horizontal one e.g. if the operator trips, falls or collapses. This is a feature that could very possibly save a life in the event of an emergency. 

Lone Worker

Another safety feature that could benefit construction companies is the Lone Worker function. Lone Worker ensures that staff who are working on their own can remain in contact with the site office or management team. If the operator has not keyed the radio microphone within an agreed timescale, an alarm will sound on the operator’s handset. If the operator does not respond to the alarm call, another alarm will sound on the manager’s and/or site office radio thus alerting of a potential emergency situation.

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