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Two Way Radio for the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare environments such as hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, day centres and clinics demand reliable coverage to ensure quick response times and accurate communications.

Safety for Lone Workers

Many staff in healthcare environments work alone and as such can be put in situations where they are vulnerable. One remedy for this is to provide staff with analogue hand held two-way radios with panic buttons. If the panic button is pressed a signal is immediately sent to all radios in the vicinity alerting staff that there is a problem. The radio will also send the alert to landline and mobile phones, e-mail and public address systems.

Multiple Voice and Data Channels

Large facilities such as hospitals require multiple channels for voice and data and for this we can provide digital or trunked radio systems which have a variety of benefits:

  • Tracking of staff using GPS
  • Alarms for lone workers and man down situations
  • Seamless merging with building alarm and management systems
  • Auto-dialling to emergency services
  • One-to-one calls
  • Voice messaging
  • Remote logging on and off
  • Deactivation and reactivation is radio is lost or stolen
  • Contact with outside telephones

Safe Around Care Equipment

A lot of hospital equipment does not operate properly if high power devices such as two-way radios are used nearby. However, Scotia Radio can provide low power systems which use distributed antennae. This gives staff strong, reliable coverage to communicate throughout the hospital whether from below ground, upper floors or grounds and can also communicate with emergency helicopter services.

Efficient Communication Between Management and Staff

It is vital that hospital management know where their porters and maintenance crews are, and what their workload and availability is. Our systems include dispatch solutions giving management the ability to co-ordinate workers with tasks and ensure an efficient communication system throughout all work areas.

For more information on two-way radio systems for the Healthcare sector, call us on 0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form.
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