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2 Way Radios for Emergency Situations

Emergency situations take a variety of forms from fires, road traffic accidents to terrorism and it’s at times like these when key staff such as operations managers, first responders and crowd control stewards need fast, reliable and versatile communication systems.

What contingencies does your business have for good communications between your staff during emergency situations? What if mobile phone networks go down? What will you do? What could you do?

At Scotia Radio we’re convinced that 2 way radios are the best solution for VERSATILE, CLEAR and above all FAST communication. Time saves lives so save time, save lives!

Benefits of 2 way radios in emergencies

  • Fast reaction at the push of a button
  • Direct contact with all staff simultaneously
  • Group calls
  • 1 to 1 calls
  • GPS tracking to locate staff
  • Listen to conversations when radios not in use
  • Supports text communications
  • Earpieces provide silent communication if needed
  • Remote power off in event of unauthorised use
  • Clear voice/noise cancelling
  • Reliable, ‘always on’ signal
  • No reliance on mobile phone networks

Who needs 2 way radios for emergency situations?

Basically any organisation or company that is responsible for large numbers of people using their services or premises such as:

  • Transport companies
  • Event management companies
  • Retail park managers
  • Security companies
  • Hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs
  • Hospitals

2 way radios vs mobile phones

2 way radios for emergencies Scotia Radio Scotland

Contact Scotia Radio for proven expert, professional advice about 2 way radios for emergencies.

While mobile phones are super handy they cannot always be relied on them for quick, clear communication. Our long experience in the industry tells us that two-way radios are far superior to mobile phones for short range communication. Here’s why:

  • Better response and/or reaction time
  • Better co-ordination and control of personnel and resources
  • The ability to communicate with your entire group at once
  • Better productivity of your operations
  • Timely and accurate information for improved decision making
  • A higher level of safety
  • Lower operating costs
For more information about 2 way radios for emergencies contact us for a quote: call us on 0141 341 3390email us or use our online enquiry form.
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