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Andromeda – Two-way Radio using 2G and 3G Mobile Networks

Logo_Strap_Color_WhiteBGScotia Radio is delighted to announce it is now an accredited dealer of Andromeda products and services in Scotland.

Andromeda’s Two-way Radio has many advantages over mobile phones and Scotia can offer the full range of Andromeda solutions. With Andromeda you have all the efficiency benefits of two-way radio, combined with the comprehensive geographical coverage of the mobile phone networks.

Benefits of Andromeda Two-way Radio using mobile networks


Andromeda Radios supplier. Scotia Radio, Scotland

Scotia Radio are an accredited dealer of Andromeda two-way radios using 2G and 3G mobile networks.

When calling on a mobile phone you have to either key in a number, look in your contacts or call via speed dial. Then you have to wait for a connection and the person to answer.

With Andromeda two-way radio communication you get all the benefits of a mobile network but all you have to do is simply press a button and start talking. It’s that quick. This is especially advantageous in situations that require a rapid response such as in an emergency.


Communicate with one person or your entire group at once
You can talk to many people at once even when they are in multiple locations. This enables better co-ordination and control of personnel and resources resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.


Comprehensive nationwide coverage using multi-network 2G and 3G roaming.


Fixed usage costs means there are no nasty surprises and you can control your budget with confidence.


No need for Frequency Licensing or infrastructure issues. Simply hire on short or long term from Scotia.


Scanner proof operation resulting in no eavesdropping or interference with communications. Less temptation for staff to use personal mobiles means that security is not compromised by personal incoming messages.

GPS Tracking

This is a standard feature which allows you to see where all operatives are.


Andromeda GPS Tracking

Andromeda uses GPS tracking as standard to locate two-way radios 24/7.

Windows-based dispatcher software such as GPS tracking, callsign display and voice recording.

Military Spec Ruggedness

Handsets are robust and weatherproof with IP54 ingress and MIL STD-801F protection.


Quick and clear communications can be vital in ensuring the safety of your workers and people under their care. Particularly useful in protecting lone workers with a one-touch emergency button.

Who Uses Andromeda?

Sectors such as couriers, fleet management, haulage, renewable energy, construction, retail, quarrying, medical/organ transport, sports and event management.

For more information about how the Andromeda Two-way Radio over mobile networks can help your business call Scotia Radio on
0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form.

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