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Remote Power for Two-Way Radio Systems

Wind and solar remote power for two way radios at any UK location

Wind and solar remote power for two way radios at any UK location with no grid power available.

Scotia Radio has added Remote Power to its range of UK-wide Green Solutions.

If your business is spending time and money on replacing batteries and concerned about running out of power for two-way radios at remote sites then Scotia has the solution with our range of Windchargers and Solar Panels. This eco-friendly technology, harnessing wind and solar power, offers off-grid energy for two-way radios and for other multiple applications.

We provide expert installation and and commissioning of Radio Systems, Windchargers, Solar Panels and Wind and Solar combinations virtually anywhere there is no grid-power source and at any location in the UK.


  • Two-way radio systems always charged – your operations always safe.
  • Zero running costs when installed
  • No need for cable trenches
  • No need for bulky generators
  • High inertia generators – operate even at low wind speeds
  • Balanced year round off-grid power with our Wind – Solar combinations

Where can Scotia’s Remote Power Solutions be used?

Remote Power Solutions for use in remote locations

Remote Power Solutions for use in remote locations

  • Country estates
  • Remote construction sites
  • Agricultural locations
  • Telecom sites
  • Rural railway crossings
  • Rural roads


  • Two-way radio systems
  • Lighting
  • Warning Signs & Road Signs, CCTV & Security Systems Gates and Barriers
  • Water Monitoring
  • Broadband and Radio Systems Agriculture and Pumping Telemetry Systems

Examples of how Scotia’s Remote Power Solutions can deliver for you:

Remote power for warning signs, road signs, CCTV, security systems, gates and barriers

Remote power for warning signs, road signs, CCTV, security systems, gates and barriers.

  • Two-way radio operations in extremely remote sites without need for grid power.
  • Telecommunications and TV networks can be extended to the remotest of areas at minimal cost with the use of wind and solar power replacing costly grid connections.
  • Monitoring and data logging of information at isolated sites for water companies and other utilities can now be considered cost effectively. Adding a telemetry link will also reduce costly site visits.
  • Security systems at remote locations such as airfields, storage facilities, etc can be operated from a small renewable energy system.
  • Aquaculture and agriculture professionals can benefit from independent power for feeding systems, electric fencing, lighting, pest control, and power tools.

Scotia Design Process

If you provide some details and data for your site and application Scotia can design a bespoke off- grid power system to ensure that your two-way radio needs and your other power needs are realised. Scotia will undertake a site visit if this is deemed necessary.

We will consider your:

  • Operator numbers, range and specific communication needs
  • Average power consumption
  • Duty cycle
  • Uptime required
  • Geographical location
  • Quality of site – amount of wind and daylight Operating voltage

We also provide a full installation and commissioning service and we supply all the accessories required such as the base units, handsets,  batteries, inverters, cables and connectors.

For more information about how Scotia’s Remote Power Solutions can help you call us on 0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form.
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