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Foretrack Vehicle Tracking

Scotia can provide a range of vehicle tracking solutions to suit your business’s needs all based around industry leading online fleet management portal, accessible anywhere, anytime with a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection.

Foretrack real-time vehicle tracking viewable on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone (internet connection required).

Foretrack real-time vehicle tracking viewable on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone (internet connection required).

Vehicle Tracking System Features

Portable Tracking

Foretrack portable vehicle tracking allows you to track high value goods without the complication of wired installations and external antennas.

Foretrack portable tracking devices are compact, self contained and easy to conceal, perfect for covert installation.

  • ‘Plug & Go’
  • High sensitivity GPS for operation in low signal strength environments
  • Surveillance of high value goods, cargos or vehicles anywhere in the world
  • Rechargeable battery for long-term operation
  • Compact and easily installed with self-contained antennas
  • No installation costs and high reliability
  • Water resistant
  • Trackable via web based system or smartphone.

Fleet Management

With our vehicle tracking and fleet management system your mobile workforce is visible 24/7 and because of this you can reduce costs, improve productivity, improve efficiency for your customers and ensure you are fulfilling your duty of care for employees.

  • Real time tracking of vehicle location
  • Analyse historical journeys, site visits, vehicle speeds, fuel usage, driver behaviour, journey costs and more
  • Immediate alerts via e-mail or SMS
  • Monitor vehicle’s internal systems e.g. refrigerated compartments
  • Improved driver and vehicle security and protection

Other Key Features and Advantages

  • Asset Tracking – Indispensable for tracking high value goods.
  • Plug and Go – No wire hassle and simple installation via a standard port found in most vehicles.
  • Lone Worker/Personal Tracking – Real-time tracking of high-risk staff including panic button, fall detention, two-way voice communication.
  • Trailer Tracking – For increased security of sensitive loads, locate lost or missing trailers.
  • CANbus – provides vehicle data including fuel usage and levels, average and maximum speed.
  • Covert and Low Powered – Foretrack is the smallest and lowest powered vehicle tracking device available, smaller than most mobile phones.
  • Journey Snail Trail – Produces a journey snail trail detailing a vehicle’s exact route.
  • Historical Data and Reporting – Comprehensive reporting on up to 3 months worth of of vehicle data.
For more information about how the Foretrack Vehicle Tracking System can help your business call Scotia Radio on 0141 341 3390email us or use our online enquiry form.
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