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The Zonith Alarm Control System

Is your alarm system as efficient as it could be? Are you confident that if your business alarm is raised the right person will receive an alert in the shortest time possible? The ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS) makes this happen!

The ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS) dispatches alarms from any alarm source to a variety of devices including digital radio, Android smartphone app, Spectralink DECT/WiFi phone, GSM mobile phone, POCSAG pager and/or an email account.

Simply put, the Zonith ACS directs any alarm signal to go to the right device operated by the right person who is best positioned to act on an alarm going off.

Zonith Alarm Control System stages

Zonith Alarm Control System fully automated alarm alert system.

How It Works

The Zonith ACS automatically dispatches an alarm directly to employees and in so doing increases efficiency and safety dramatically.

When an alarm goes off ZONITH ACS automatically detects it and redirects it as a text message to pre-determined devices through an intelligent scheduler which measures how critical the alarm is.

Watch Schedule Integration

This enables a work schedule to be organised within the alarm software and ensures that only on-duty employees are notified of alarms.

Zonith Alarm Control System scheduler

Zonith Alarm Control System scheduler assigns alarm alerts to on duty staff.

Set Alarm Type to Employee Competency

Employee competency levels can be added to the scheduler ensuring that, depending on the type of alarm, only employees with skill sets matching the alarm type will be notified e.g. door alarms to security, electrical and mechanical problems to maintenance staff, etc. If designated employees cannot respond for any reason, backup employees can be assigned to escalate any action required by raised alarms.

Zonith Alarm Control System browser integration

Zonith Alarm Control System browser integration for easy operation.

Prioritised Alarms

Alarms can be assigned time dependent priority. If an alarm goes off during a weekend and is of low priority it will be dispatched by email to be received on the Monday. Any alarm deemed high priority will be immediately dispatched to digital radio, smartphone or pager.


  • Faster and more direct response to raised alarms
  • Safer workplace
  • More robust security
  • More efficient use of staff and resources
  • Active 24/7
  • Compatible with any alarm
  • Only alerts on-duty employees
  • Only alerts the employees best qualified to act on a raised alarm
  • Easy-to-use browser integration

Typical Uses

The Zonith Alarm Control System is ideal for use in production plants, hotels, office complexes and business and retail parks and place of businesses that has an alarm system that automatically alerts the Fire Service. It is also an excellent complement to Lone Worker Protection and office panic button systems or anywhere where staff may be working in high risk environments.

For more information about how the Zonith Alarm Control System can help your business call Scotia Radio on 0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form.

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