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Client’s Requirements

Communication between staff had to work throughout Borthwick Castle. They needed to be able to communicate seamlessly and look after their guests, their primary concern, without communication being an issue.

“Scotia’s radios have worked tremendously well for us at Borthwick Castle.
The entire team were able to use them from the get go.”

Kieran Rose, Front of House Manager


Due to the thickness of the walls at Borthwick Castle, sometimes up to 15 feet thick, it was impossible to get a mobile phone signal. There are lots of stairs and no lifts in the Castle. Staff needed to communicate at all times as it was easy to “lose” where staff members were within the Castle.


Scotia Radio provided Borthwick Castle with Hytera PD565 UHF radios, perfect for the issues they faced, allowing transmission throughout the venue, even from the Great Hall to the car park, over some distance and through 15 feet of wall, with ease. Day long battery life and discrete earpieces for front of house staff completed a solution fit for such an exclusive venue and their provision of world class service.


Scotia Radio were able to supply a solution that was crucial to day to day operations with radios that worked through 15 feet of wall. Scotia Radio saved Borthwick Castle’s staff time and energy. The radios have a long battery life which was important to the client and led to a seamless communications operation.

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