//Digital Two-way Radios for Stadium Events

Digital Two-way Radios for Stadium Events

2 way radios for voiceless communicationWhen fans come in to a stadium for an event their focus is on their favourite performer or sports team. They are unlikely to give any thought to the team of stewards and security staff behind the scenes who are ensuring that they are safe and able to enjoy the event to the full.

It’s a tough job safeguarding the well-being of thousands of people and ensuring that the event runs smoothly. Communication is key to this and that’s where Scotia Radio can help.

Scotia have a wealth of experience supplying Digital Radio Systems for a wide variety of stadium events at venues throughout Scotland, including Murrayfield Stadium and Hampden Park.

We hire out two-way digital systems that are ideal for stadium events and here’s why:

Noise-Cancelling Technology

Very important to allow your staff to hear and be heard in a very noisy environment.

Increased Security

Encryption technology is an important feature of digital radios. It allows secure communication, ensuring that nobody can listen in on conversations, potentially compromising the security of the event. Especially important in the recent era of heightened security.

Integrated GPS

Because digital radio systems can receive data from GPS satellites, you and your staff can always know where each other are during an event. This is vital for ensuring resources are always where they are needed most, particularly in the event of an emergency.

Long Battery Life

Analog radios and mobile phones are more prone to battery failure and this could prove disastrous if your staff were using these and there was a medical or security incident at your event.

Digital two-way radios feature longer battery life to get you through a full event as well as the pre and post-event communications.

To find out more about digital 2 way radio systems for stadium events call on 0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form