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Client’s Requirements

Client approached Scotia with a view to purchasing two-way radio equipment for day-to-day use within the cat and dog home. Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home was founded in 1883. The 50 plus team of staff are dedicated to the animals in their care and excellent communication is a vital component to ensure the efficient day-to-day running of the Home.

“Of all the companies we invited in, Scotia Radio were the most pro-active in finding us the best solution for our specific needs. We’ve received fantastic service from them.”
Rachel Kavish Wheatley, Head of Business Support


The radios were to be small, light and robust.  They also had to sufficient volume so that they could be heard over background noise such as barking dogs.  The radios also have sufficient battery power to last throughout the working shift period.  In order to summon assistance during emergency situations, the radio had to come supplied with an emergency button.

Solution (Services Delivered)

Scotia visited the client and discussed various options.  The client agreed on the Icom IC-F2000S UHF Analogue handheld radio with the LED screen and 4-key keypad and built in EMERGENCY button.  They also opted for six-way chargers.  An OFCOM technically assigned site specific licence was also purchased.


The Scotia engineers were able to programme the Icom IC-F2000S radios with specific user names making them easily identifiable to other radio users.

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