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Scotland’s Professional Basketball Team

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Client’s Requirements

In late 2012, Scotia made an approach to Glasgow Rocks to see if they had a need for two-way radios at their new home in the Emirates Arena. They said that two-way radios would greatly improve their match day communications and that they would be very interested in meeting with Scotia.

To be able to have good quality communications on Game Day is crucial. Scotia Radio are part of The Rocks.

Duncan Smillie, Owner, The Glasgow Rocks


A site visit of the Emirates Arena was made. Given the modern construction of the building and the use of steel and concrete, the signal via digital radios on a back-to-back basis proved to be virtually non-existent. The use of repeaters, due to cost versus need, was impossible.

Solution (Services Delivered)

Although digital back-to-back radios were of no use within Emirates Arena, the analogue radios worked very well. It was decided the Glasgow Rocks would use analogue radios and as the radios were based indoors most of the time, the HYT TC-620 model with six-way chargers and D-shape earpieces with mic and PTT were the preferred option.


The HYT TC-620 radios allowed basic and straightforward communications for the Glasgow Rocks behind the scenes staff especially on match days. Communication is key for the Glasgow Rocks and the radios provided by Scotia helped immensely.

Scotia have been delighted and proud to have been official sponsors of the Glasgow Rocks for over five years.

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