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How Lone Worker / Man-Down 2 Way Radios Can Help Your Business!

Do you employ staff who work alone, in remote areas or in hazardous environments?

Lone worker two way radio construction site

Two way radios with the man down feature are especially helpful for lone workers on remote construction sites.

If so, your business and, more importantly, your staff can benefit from using two-way radios with man-down systems or lone worker functionality to help maximise personal safety and protect your business assets.

Lone worker/man-down systems have a huge variety of health and safety applications and are relatively inexpensive for what is at stake.

They provide security for vulnerable workers such as warehouse staff, engineers, security guards, estate agents, health workers etc. as well as for large groups.

How It Works

It’s really simple; a voice, text or tone alarm is sent to multiple locations across the radio system. The alarm can be sent to either a central receiver and/or relayed to PABX systems, mobile phones or e-mail addresses.

Features include:

Programmable triggering by environmental circumstances such as:

  • Vertical or horizontal tilting
  • Excessive or lack of motion (the latter is in a genuine ‘mandown’ situation)
  • Pressing the panic button
  • Inactivity after a set time
  • Operator locator using GPS
  • Alarm triggering if operator fails to respond to a message

Remember…lone worker/man-down 2-way radios can help save lives, protect staff who work alone and empower your workforce!

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