//Licence-Free (PMR446) Two Way Radios for Small Businesses

Licence-Free (PMR446) Two Way Radios for Small Businesses

As well as professional licenced two-way radios, Scotia also supply a host of professional licence-free 2 way radios. Licence-free two-way radios operate on the PMR446 frequency band. PMR stands for Private Mobile Radio.

As with VHF and UHF radios, the range of the PMR446 radios depends on the surrounding environment and terrain. The range of the signal strength of a PMR446 radio can be very from a few hundred feet in a built up area such as a town or city to several miles in open and flat countryside.

Although less powerful than their bigger brothers, the PMR446 radios that Scotia supply are robust and have a large number of applications.

Ideal Two-Way Radios for Small Businesses or Institutions

From small businesses consisting of one or two employees to institutions such as schools or care homes, licence-free radios could provide highly effective two-way communications.

As the PMR446 is licence-free, the user is not required to obtain an Ofcom licence as is the case with other UHF and VHF two-way radios.

If the user is looking for simple back-to-back two-way radio communication then the PMR446 radio could be the answer.

The PMR446 radios that are supplied by Scotia Radio Services include those manufactured by Entel, HYT, Icom, Kenwood and Motorola.

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