The event and corporate hospitality sectors require communications that are quick, efficient and discreet for communication of security information, crowd management and health and safety.

With security and health and safety a priority at large public events it is vital that two-way radio communication between staff is carried out discreetly and unhampered, so with this in mind we can provide radios with:

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, Scotia Radio can provide analogue or digital two-way radio systems that work over large areas, and if your event is outdoors and covers a very large area, Scotia can install repeaters to improve radio coverage.

Scotia Radio can supply you with all you need for effective, low maintenance, rapid staff communications. For your peace of mind all our equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure it performs as and when you need it to.

Uses include quick, efficient and audibly clear communications for crowd management, discreet communication of sensitive information, managing health and safety issues and emergency situations.

Typical Package for Outdoor Events

Although Scotia tailor hire equipment and services according to the nature of the event and clients’ requirements a typical package for outdoor event 2 way radio hire would include:

In addition to two way radios with just simple voice communication functionality we can also provide two way radios with features that include man down alarm, text messaging, caller ID and panic buttons.

To allow Scotia to create the perfect package for your event, simply let us know:

We can also offer very reasonable replacement costs as we understand that in high stress environments equipment can sometimes be damaged or misplaced.

Radios we Recommend