Managing communication in retail requires reliable and efficient systems to ensure smooth operations in a variety of situations.

Retailers who have benefited from two way radio solutions include:

Retailers can benefit from two-way radios as they enable staff to communicate from floor-to-floor or different areas on the same floor with the added bonus of discreet communications using:

Shopping complexes require robust radio communication systems. One ideal solution is to use a digital or trunked system which uses repeater base stations and antennae to provide the strongest and most reliable coverage. With this system shop management can react swiftly to issues of safety and security.

Monitoring Safety and Security

Scotia systems can also empower management to communicate with security and maintenance teams with built in monitoring software which includes lone worker and man down alerts and GPS tracking. They will also record all staff communications including times, positions, voice traffic and data traffic.

Scotia can also link individual shops within town centres or shopping malls to communicate with:

Police Stations
Police Officers
CCTV Monitoring Centres

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