Utility complexes must have two-way systems that provide instant communication that covers the entire site.

Some utility complexes that benefit from two way radio solutions include:

The majority of Scotia Radio utilities customers require two-way radios that have the following qualities:

Most of these types of installation have structures that would normally impede a simple two-way system. However, Scotia Radio can design a trunked system incorporating digital radios, repeaters and distributed antennae to give clear, site-wide coverage with no black spots.

There is also contingency for power failure with back-up batteries and automated channel changeover modules which keep the system operational.

Control Room Efficiency
As the control room is the hub of any large installation, its communication system must be capable of enabling control room staff to communicate quickly and efficiently with management and teams of workers. Scotia Radio can provide a two-way radio system that provides one-to-one calling, group calling and text messaging keeping the control room operating at optimum efficiency.

Two-Way Radio Safety Features
Site workers are kept safe by two-way radio features such as lone worker and man down alarms, caller ID and GPS tracking, and there are a variety of automated process and alarms that can connect immediately with the appropriate emergency service giving all staff peace of mind.

Two-Way Communication in High Decibel Areas
In power generating complexes such as power stations, radio communications can be severely hampered by high volumes and background noise. Scotia Radio can provide two-way radios specifically designed for these environments which include protective, noise-cancelling headsets and hands free operation which are unobtrusive and easy to use including in confined areas and for staff wearing cumbersome clothing.

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