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Radio system design solutions tailored to your needs

Scotia take a methodical and logical approach to bespoke Radio System Design solutions.

Scotia’s experienced team conducts an on-site survey and needs analysis to determine customer specific requirements. Findings are subsequently translated into a clearly defined list of materials and services that will be required in order to deliver the correct solution. A period of consultation and in house testing follows. The system will then be implemented.

Further to a site test for your fixed installation or event, Scotia will design a suitable system to meet the needs of your requirements and give you the best possible coverage.

Licence Management
Scotia can liaise with Ofcom on your behalf to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to and obtain the appropriate Ofcom licence.
Radio Programming
Scotia’s highly trained staff will programme and calibrate your radios to your exact requirements and in accordance with the Ofcom licence. Scotia staff can even be on hand at events to ensure the smooth running of the communications.
Event Radio Distribution
Scotia personnel can distribute your radio fleet on site, ensuring that all equipment is properly signed out and returned to Event Staff and tracked via serial number recognition.
Scotia can train all of your site personnel on the use of equipment and systems if so required.

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