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“To be able to have good quality communications on Game Day is crucial. Scotia Radio are part of The Rocks.”

Duncan Smillie, Owner, The Glasgow Rocks

“Scotia Radio have enabled us to build real confidence with staff and the volunteers. Scotia’s help has been really quite significant.”

Grant Campbell, CEO, Glasgow City Mission
“Of all the companies we invited in, Scotia Radio were the most pro-active in finding us the best solution for our specific needs. We’ve received fantastic service from them.”
Rachel Kavish Wheatley, Head of Business Support
“We needed a bespoke radio communications solution for our large Glasgow factory with enough radios and base stations to cover 30 staff over four shifts 24/7. Scotia Radio delivered 110% not only on the solution but with service as well.”
Bob Gillespie, MD, BG Manufacturing
“Our long term relationship with Scotia Radio is built on trust, it is imperative for us that our communications systems are of extremely high quality and that we receive a very high level of service and technical support, we continue to benefit from our partnership with Scotia and look forward to working together moving forward.”
Roy McCombe, Scottish Rugby Union
“The approach and care Scotia has taken to make sure our security radio system and shop safe radio system meet our needs has been key in getting the results we demand, from concept and design through to actually installation of the system and customer care allows us to operate efficiently and we are pleased to partner with Scotia.”
Ryan Ritchie, Livingston Designer Outlet
“We have a large fleet of vehicle and plant equipment with a need for constant management due to the nature of our business, our decision to move forward with Scotia to implement and support a vehicle tracking solution continually proves to be an invaluable solution for our business. My experience of Scotia Radio is one of a professional and friendly service with industry expertise that we can trust in.”
Gareth Mollan, Advanced Construction Scotland Ltd

“Scotia’s radios were easy to use and great quality sound. Our event would not have gone so smoothly without them. During the event, one of our employees got stuck in the lift. Thankfully she had one of the Scotia radios on her which still worked clearly, allowing her to alert us to the situation and get a staff member from the venue to help.”

Leanne McGuire, Administrator, Blue Triangle Housing Association Limited
“Scotia Radio Services provided us with superb kit that worked flawlessly across our various Pedal for Scotland event sites. Their radios were used for Horizontal comms at each site which linked into a bigger Vertical comms system that stitched them all together. The fact that Scotia pre-prepared and packaged up all of the kit for each site meant that distribution and collecting back was simple and losses were non-existent. On the back of this, WMP will definitely be using Scotia again on next year’s Pedal for Scotland.”
Ben Way, Events Director, WMP (Pedal For Scotland)
“I wanted to rent a SPOT GEN 3 from Scotia Radio prior to cycling in the Scottish Highlands in June 2016. The whole process worked well. The device arrived on time, setting it up for my individual contacts proved straightforward and my family were able to plot my progress regularly. The cost was very reasonable and Joe at Scotia was easily contactable and helpful. I would definitely use Scotia Radio’s services for this purpose again.”
Jerry S, Derby
“The Sutherland Agricultural Show takes place on Dornoch Links each July and is managed by a small but enthusiastic team of volunteers. We endeavour to stage an event which looks and seems professionally run and succeed in this with the help of radios supplied by Scotia Radio Services. The service was smooth, helpful and efficient with the radios being delivered well ahead of show day to remove one of the many hurdles we encounter during the busy week leading up to the show. We loved the thought and care put into the packaging – again to make it easy to use and return the radios. On show day, the radios were invaluable being used on a 30 acre, outdoor, noisy site with the safe management of upwards of 5000 people plus livestock our responsibility on the day. I could thoroughly recommend Scotia Radio Services on the basis of price, product quality and customer service. Thank you Scotia for helping to make our day a success.”
Marie Hay, Secretary, Sutherland Agricultural Society Ltd
“I started www.mountainandglen.com in 2005 after a lengthy career in the Royal Marines. We provide mountain challenge events and outdoor adventures throughout the UK, but particularly in the Scottish mountains.

Safety has always been at the core of our operations and (coming from a military background) I recognise that the ability to communicate with teams in the mountains is a key part of this. We purchased a stock of VHF radios to provide this link.

One of our most popular adventures is the Three Peaks Challenge. So popular in fact that in 2013 we launched the Three Peaks Challenge website to cope with demand. As we started to expand our operations following the launch of the website we identified that we needed to dramatically increase our VHF radio stock in order to cover our new events. Whilst sourcing new stocks of radios, we met with the team at Scotia Radio and the result was a no brainer! The ability to rent radios as and when required, from a local company who would deliver to our offices meant that we didn’t have to outlay thousands of pounds purchasing stock and that we had no ongoing maintenance or licensing commitments. Since that time we’ve rented from Scotia on a number of occasions and have been really pleased with the service we’ve received. Whether it’s just a couple of handhelds or multiple radios with vehicle-based units and aerials, they always supply up-to-date, functional radios with minimum fuss. Mountain and Glen wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Scotia to anyone and we look forward a long-standing partnership with them.”

Jim Coughlan, Director, Mountain and Glen
“Scotia Radio provided the two-way radios required to communicate across the Scottish International Airshow 2016 site in Ayr. The site extends for just under two miles with the main event site lying in the centre, with the Multi Agency Control Centre adjacent. Communication between site management and the MACC is a paramount, so there can be no drop in communication. Scotia Radio provided TSIA with 30 handsets, ear-pieces, call-station and a repeater station. The one repeater station covered the entire site with ease, and line of sight was never an issue. The equipment was delivered promptly and a brief overview of the equipment was more than adequate, considering how easy it was to operate. We were provided with two long range channels, and four short range channels, all named and prepared for each handset. When you are working with a team of volunteers, it is important that everything is kept as simple to operate as possible, and Scotia’s two-way radios were just that. We look forward to turning this annual hire into a continuing relationship, and would recommend Scotia Radio to any event company.”
Cal Reid, Assistant Event Manager, 
The Scottish International Airshow
“We are a student run society called “Meadows Marathon” and our aim is to raise money for charity by organising running events. Our main event is in March and involves a 5k, hopefully this year a 10k, a half marathon and a full marathon. We are hoping to get 1000+ runners. The event held in October was a promotional event in which we raised money for the March event and money for charity. The event consisted of a Halloween fancy dress fun run mainly aimed at students but we did have some families involved. The event involved a 5K fun run with an unknown route! The run happened at 9.00 at night and involved 240 runners finding their way round the course with the aid of our spooky/scary volunteers. The completion of the run involved the collection of glow sticks and sweets all the way round the course. The radios were fantastic because we need very clear communication between the course marshal leaders. Without this runners may go the wrong way. The radios provided by Scotia Radio Services were brilliant and easy to use. Whenever I telephoned Scotia, was given really informative and friendly advice and thanks to the help of Evelyn (our contact at Scotia) we had a really enjoyable working relationship which ended in a successful event! We raised £1000 for charity and the rest will be used to run our event in March. ”
Eilidh Bass, Event Organiser, Meadows Marathon

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