//Wind and Solar Remote Power Solutions

Wind and Solar Remote Power Solutions

Concerned about running out of power for two-way radios at remote sites? Tired of spending time and money replacing batteries?

Remote power for warning signs, road signs, CCTV, security systems, gates and barriers.

Remote power for warning and road signs, CCTV, security systems, gates and barriers in remote areas.

Scotia has the solution with our range of Windchargers and Solar Panels. This eco-friendly technology, harnessing wind and solar power, offers off-grid energy for two-way radio operations and other multiple applications.


  • Two-way radio systems always charged
  • Zero running costs when installed
  • No cable trenches
  • No bulky generators

Locations For Use

  • Country estates
  • Remote construction sites
  • Agricultural locations
  • Telecom sites
  • Rural railway crossings
  • Rural roads


  • Two-way radio operations at remote sites
  • Lighting
  • Warning Signs & Road Signs
  • Water Monitoring
  • CCTV & Security Systems
  • Gates and Barriers
  • Broadband and Radio Systems
  • Agriculture and Pumping
  • Telemetry Systems

We also provide a full installation and commissioning service throughout the UK and we supply all the accessories required such as the base units, handsets, batteries, inverters, cables and connectors.

To find out more call Scotia on 0141 341 3390, email us or use our online enquiry form.